Local projects for global change

We develop and implement renewable projects locally.
In this way we cooperate in the global ecological transition.

Responsible Energy

We contribute to a socially responsible energy transaction, with the objective of combating climate change and preserving our planet.

Born Renewable

We were born renewable and will always remain renewable. We are the next generation of renewable energy: cleaner, more efficient and more inclusive.


A relationship based on propriety, transparency and integrity.


The increasing electrification of our society and its economy, particularly in transport and buildings, will lead to a doubling of demand for electricity by 2050.

Wind and solar power are rapidly gaining market space thanks to their growing cost effectiveness. Renewable generation will account for more than 50% of energy production by 2035 and will approach 75% by 2050, a clear reversal of the fossil generation of the past.

In this scenario of significant change and innovation, artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms will play a key role, as will the distribution of storage systems and the Internet of Things. A new model of intelligent and interconnected energy grids to overcome the non-programmable nature of renewable generation.

This is the future we believe in and work for at CHIRON, every day, with passion and determination.

img produzione energia lg engimg produzione energia lg eng

Track record

The CHIRON management team boasts an impressive track record in the sector.

10Years of experience in renewables

40Projects developed

130Megawatts of power from developed projects

400Million € total invested

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