Land owners

We purchase or rent land of either medium or large extension potentially suitable for the development of plants using renewable sources. We prefer lands that are already degraded by anthropogenic activities, either previous activities or progress (brownfield), including industrial sites, former quarries, former landfills or contaminated sites subject to reclamation interventions. These include areas on which the intervention is aimed at transforming with a productive destination, only affecting agricultural funds marginally. This allows the minimization of direct and indirect interferences on the environment linked to land occupation. In cases where we develop projects on agricultural land, we pay particular attention to the integration of the plant in the context of local agri-food traditions and the rural landscape, both regarding its implementation and its operation.
In developing projects, we make use of the best available design solutions and innovative technological components, pursuing the objective of guaranteeing an ever-greater sustainability of the plants, both from the point of view of harmonization and insertion into the historical, natural and landscape context. Another objective is the minimization of environmental impacts, guaranteeing the reversibility of the interventions.

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