CHIRON operates throughout the country with industrial-scale projects, both greenfield and brownfield, effectively contributing to Italy's energy transition.

The group CHIRON develops, builds and manages energy plants and infrastructures from renewable sources on an industrial or utility scale, with a focus on both new (greenfield) and existing (brownfield) plant projects. The CHIRON development platform operates throughout the country and focuses on projects that ensure high operational and environmental performance over the long term. According to this approach and in line with the group's strategic objectives, projects that are compatible with the reference territories from a size perspective and that involve using energy to develop areas that are already environmentally "compromised" or otherwise man-made, are favoured, limiting the use of valuable agricultural areas to the extent possible.
We believe that the energy transition, though urgent and a priority, must nonetheless ensure balanced development and respect for local communities. In this perspective, we try to avoid projects whose size are incompatible with the reference area and that require excessive consumption of "virgin" soil. We input the energy produced by our plants into the National Electricity Grid, thus helping to power homes, factories, schools and roads in our country with renewable sources and respect for the environment. This is our concrete contribution to the energy challenge of the coming decades.

CHIRON’s pipeline

CHIRON currently has an important pipeline of projects in the analysis and development phase distributed throughout the country. A concrete commitment to create sustainable economic and social development of our country.


Million square meters of pipeline area


Projects on the way


Million euros of investments in the pipeline

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