At CHIRON we consider sustainability to be the "engine" of a continuous improvement process.

Sustainability has always characterised CHIRON's operating method in developing its projects. The energy industry is increasingly oriented towards a sustainable approach, based on responsible management of natural resources and with particular attention to territories and communities that host energy plants and infrastructures. The climate, social and health emergencies we are experiencing are further confirmation of the need to invest in a sustainable model that must virtuously integrate economic objectives with environmental and social ones.
At CHIRON we believe that constant attention to sustainability can ensure long-term results, strengthen economic performance and our reputation as well as support the achievement of our environmental and social objectives. The creation of "shared value" is an essential element of our sustainability and our responsible development proposition. CHIRON is committed to contributing to the growth of the local communities in which it operates and actively supports the promotion of activities and projects in favour of young people and sport, health and culture, through an open and continuous dialogue with the reference communities, in a spirit of active collaboration.
We feel a strong sense of responsibility in carrying out our activities to develop energy projects. We believe we can contribute positively to the development of the territories, improving the environmental and social conditions, as well as economic conditions of our country.

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