How we operate

In a constantly changing market context, CHIRON operates with differentiated strategies both in greenfield and brownfield projects.

CHIRON's development strategy is focused on the search for and selection of new opportunities throughout the country, both greenfield and brownfield. Opportunities that the CHIRON platform is then able to develop, build and optimise through the management of highly structured and complex projects. After testing, the plants and infrastructures are then managed internally according to the best practices of the sector to guarantee the highest levels of efficiency and environmental compatibility.

We believe that large-scale projects help create a better world for current and future.

CHIRON's investment process is managed with extreme rigour and discipline. In CHIRON's investment decisions, ESG (environmental, social and governance) aspects represent a fundamental component because they are one of the key factors for identifying "sustainable investments" and those most virtuous in terms of environmental impact.

The investment strategy is focused on two different categories of projects:

  • Greenfield: projects to create new energy plants and infrastructures from renewable sources;
  • Brownfield: energy plants and infrastructures already built and in operation that typically require extraordinary maintenance refurbishment and technology restructuring.

The investment process consists of three macro-phases:

  • Due Diligence: to identify the risk profiles relative to environmental, regulatory and economic aspects, as well as potential improvement actions with regard to the project's sustainability;
  • Offer: sharing a purchase proposal with the counterparties that own areas to be developed or an existing asset, with different timing and methods based on the project type;
  • Closing: finalising the transaction through the acquisition of the area or an existing asset.

CHIRON coordinates and monitors the entire development process, from design and consultancy to the coordination of the first feasibility analyses, from planning management to authorisations, through execution planning. CHIRON maintains a constant focus on the project's quality, implementation timing and development costs, with particular attention to the factors of sustainability and technical and technological innovation of the solutions adopted.

These specialised and high value-added activities ensure the creation of long-term value for the company and the territories that host our plants. CHIRON manages tenders to identify contractors and EPC Contractors. After identifying the EPC Contractor, CHIRON coordinates and manages the construction activities that include project management, identification of construction site safety consultants and testers, and management of relations with stakeholders involved in the construction phase.

Project development management is strongly oriented towards:

  • Sustainability: we give the utmost attention to the developing projects that guarantee the best levels of environmental sustainability, including through the use of recyclable and/or reusable materials.
  • Development of degraded or man-made areas: we favour areas that are already compromised, urbanised or marginal with respect to potential agronomic use, seeking to minimise land consumption;
  • Innovative solutions: we identify the best technical, technological and design solutions to reduce land consumption and maximise energy use while fully respecting the environment;
  • Environmental performance: we select technical solutions that contribute to improving the environmental performance of plants and infrastructures, preferring recycled and/or recyclable materials, seeking to develop a network of small local suppliers;
  • Value engineering: we implement "value analysis" processes that guide the design team in identifying the most appropriate materials and technologies, eliminating waste and unnecessary elements that risk worsening the project's environmental footprint.

At CHIRON we seek to maintain excellence over time by managing and optimising energy plants and infrastructures, through a process of continuous improvement that aims to minimise impacts and maximise process efficiency. Asset management activities are carried out with the objective of maximising the operational and environmental performance of owned assets, and always focusing attention on the issues of authorisation and regulatory compliance that characterise the sector.

The satisfaction of local stakeholders, both institutions and individuals, represents a fundamental value not only for the reputation of the CHIRON Group but also for the intrinsic value of the assets. From a technical perspective, activities implemented in managing energy plants and infrastructures are aimed at continuous efficiency and optimisation. The continual improvement in energy performance and the reduction of environmental impacts represent an increasing value both for the company and for the territory that hosts the plants and infrastructures.

In particular, CHIRON has focused its attention on value-added activities aimed at pursuing operational optimisation and environmental improvement such as:

  • Technical and technological development: we continuously optimise processes and solutions to achieve ever higher operational and environmental performance;
  • Remote control: we remotely control the operation of devices and technology equipment;
  • Technical and technological maintenance: we invest considerable resources in maintenance activities that we entrust to specialised and certified companies that operate under our strict control and supervision;
  • Efficiency monitoring: we monitor the efficiency of plants and infrastructures directly and in real time, proactively managing any maintenance and optimisation interventions.

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