CHIRON is one of the leading private investment and management platforms in the renewable energy sector in Italy.

The CHIRON Group is an independent producer of renewable energy that develops, builds and manages state-of-the-art energy plants and infrastructures with very low environmental impact. The Group companies are strongly committed to combating climate change through decarbonisation projects in certain key economic sectors, such as production, storage and distribution of energy from renewable sources. Focused on the Italian market and with significant prospects on the European market, the Group wants to actively contribute to the energy transition.

CHIRON at a glance

CHIRON is strongly committed to the development of projects and investments with a strong and positive economic and environmental impact. All this in perfect coherence with the National Energy Strategy and the European climate objectives.

10Dedicated professionals


Projects currently under development


Million euros already planned in investments

The CHIRON platform

The CHIRON platform is made up of various companies that cover the entire renewable energy chain, through an effective and dynamic organisational model.

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